Plus, are you experiencing any recommandations, like locations to visit, restaurants in Medellin, Street arts, songs celebrations and a lot more ?

Plus, are you experiencing any recommandations, like locations to visit, restaurants in Medellin, Street arts, songs celebrations and a lot more ?

For that reason, i needed to inquire of you, knowing some people exactly who did wwoofing and maybe see some, whom absolutely need some assistance someplace in Medellin or any place else in Colombia ? I must say I need to feel and stay part of that tradition !

Hey Anthony, thanks for the comment. I am not sure anyone that has been doing Wwoofing, however may want to try to reach out in the community. For areas to see…there tend to be loads of spots to go to, half a year isn’t really adequate to see most of Colombia, but I suggest Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Cartagena, Santa anga. According to the dates you are checking out you can catch those spots during celebrations and it’s a ton of fun. Like Bogota features concerts and cultural activities year-round, but Medellin comes with the rose Festival (Feria de las Flores) in August, Cali has their unique Feria de Cali in December, Cartagena have their celebrations in Oct as do Santa Marta. So you could wanna approach you stumble about festivals.

Yeah, your site is often engaging and fascinating to read and then revisit oftentimes… We traveling frequently, in Afghanistan with lots of time away between tours but You will find however to search through south America.

Anticipate seeing the very first time, perhaps AirBnB weekly here n indeed there, for all in all, a month roughly to begin this … Medellin, cali, etc.

My personal friend from argentina says we see argentine but need to have that gringo effect your pointed out using my gringo appearance with longer dark tresses, evident US feature. Dunno just what im gonna create for shoes however but im sure some jeans as if you have several V-necks and that I must certanly be alright.

you never know, possibly we’ll come across ya. drinks on me personally if that’s the case. many of my personal colleagues include hitched to brasilians, philipinos and Colombians therefore I wanna see just what the rave is approximately… sick and tired of tx girls lol

How about additional means around?

Hello! I am a 21-year-old United states woman who’s blonde and white. I’m going to Colombia next month. Were Colombian dudes as contemplating United states girls as Colombian ladies are located in US guys? Will becoming American strive to my advantage or will it only render me personally be noticeable? Do I need to be prepared to feel catcalled while i am around because we look international (I read this is extremely common)?

Spanish are very little, but place me personally into the flames and that I’ll create because of

Hey Nicole, many thanks for the remark. That’s a great question. I’ve many white, female friends right here. From everyone and Europe causing all of them need fantastic chance here. They have been regarded as exotic…and horny by dudes here. Perhaps the not so attractive people bring enjoy. Just for their particular blonde tresses and white-skin. Good person to contact is quite Eleni Cotsis, she is a white girl with a Colombian boyfriend. She blogged a fairly great invitees post about her event right here: This is this lady web site: listed here are one or two more big posts: and

When it comes to cat phone calls, yeah you’ll receive cat called practically all around the globe, is no exception. And similar to areas around you will definately get it to the the majority of from middle to lessen money stage guys.

It appears you happen to be nevertheless being attentive to this web site you have and I grab the possible opportunity to ventilate my roller-coaster feelings after writing a Colombian female via hotmail. I’m not sure what things to thought! Generally i will be a quite questionable individual and I bring notice to inconsistencies in an account that leads us to genuinely believe that bogus is going on. Perhaps i could think this girl or the woman is a master to fool myself and fool money away from me personally. Up until now just what she tells me about by herself is achievable. It is not unlikely, the woman is a woman from a significantly poorer country than i will be. Some questions relating to monetary service is sensible.

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