Jacob next casts an enchantment that caused everyone in the guild in order to drop off, except for Mavis

Jacob next casts an enchantment that caused everyone in the guild in order to drop off, except for Mavis

When Lucy gets up, she finds an unconscious Natsu Dragneel tied and you may secured in order to good chair and you can understands she is tied too

Since Lucy and you may Pleased are busy taking good care of Natsu, the entire guild hall was not as much as attack of the among Spriggan twelve: Jacob Lessio. But courtesy Horologium; Natsu, Lucy and Happier was in fact spared away from Jacob’s spell but every became naked in the act far so you’re able to Lucy’s shame. If you are Mavis had been attacked, Lucy leaps eventually and you will kicks Jacob for the lead. Jacob up coming tries to attack Lucy but Natsu hurried right up into the some time conserved her. Natsu jeopardize burning Jacob for the ash to own seeking to harm Lucy as latter, Happier and you may Mavis was basically all astonished and pleased one Natsu have awoken of his unconsciousness.

Together Natsu and Lucy struggled this new Secure away from Spriggan, however, had been weighed down in which he happy to kill their friends. not, Lucy put the girl quick-thinking and you can Natsu conveyed satisfaction when you look at the Lucy when she was able to outsmart Jacob from the taking right back men to help you the guild-hall, Lucy also smiled when Natsu beaten Jacob.

If negotiation fail, Natsu secure Lucy regarding the miracle king’s attack before he’s teleported from the August’s associate Irene Belserion led to Natsu landing toward Lucy so you can the woman pity

Afterwards, Lucy and Natsu fight the fresh new Alvarez army with the guildmates prior to he is carried away because of the a giant Brandish who even offers in order to free just him or her and you can Delighted saying people they know are not any match toward Spriggan twelve. Lucy observe because the Natsu informs Brandish she clearly doesn’t know just how good Fairy Tail it really is try and you will dares this lady locate aside since the Lucy protests against this decision. not, up until the conversation continues a differnt one of one’s Spriggan 12 Neinhart looks and you may interpreting Brandish’s procedures as a possible betrayal symptoms the lady while the fairy tail mages. Their measures is actually defeated whenever Natsu ignores Brandish’s pleas not to ever engage Neinhart and you may effects him regarding the face giving him flying staggering Brandish. Lucy many thanks Natsu into the to possess his profit and his company faith in their guild.

Natsu abruptly handbags his bust and you may collapses which have Happier and you can Lucy yelling off to him into the concern. Whenever requested the latter what happened, Brandish reminds him or her it absolutely was bbw dating apps France she whom shrunk Natsu’s tumefaction first off. Lucy concerns the newest Spriggan on her behalf procedures, Brandish replies you to whether or not she not holds your own grudge facing Lucy, she must find out of the answer to the fresh new uncertainty within her cardio. Lucy tries to wager an undertake Brandish that when she beats her, brand new Spriggan commonly shrink the fresh new tumor. Brandish in the course of time accepts they while the a couple of race toward, that have Lucy on the shedding front side. In the event she knows she might not maintain Brandish’s miracle, she exclaims that she’ll consistently challenge to possess Natsu no number the price.

Dimaria interupts the battle, she immediately periods Brandish immediately after which kidnaps Natsu and you may Lucy, carrying them captive. Dimaria after that tortures Lucy and you will attempts to stab aside the girl eyes given that she internally phone calls aside to own Natsu. However, in the last-minute, Natsu gets up unleashes their strength out of Elizabeth.N.D. and you may trips clear of their limits, totally in a position to circulate in this Dimaria’s go out frost magic, the guy savagely episodes a surprised Dimaria, protecting Lucy. Immediately following conquering Dimaria, Natsu up coming looked if the Lucy is alright but finds bloodstream doing Lucy’s attention and you may shortly after looking to aftermath the girl, he assumed that non-responsive Lucy try inactive (being unsure of it was a direct result Dimaria’s magic), the increased loss of their closest friend reasons Natsu to shed rips and you will claim vengeance on Zeref. In addition, it triggered his newfound devil ability to provides your and you can Natsu remaining the fresh chamber seeking his cousin.

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