I couldn’t resist but rub my hands over his firm ass as it started to lower down into me

I couldn’t resist but rub my hands over his firm ass as it started to lower down into me

He then pulled out his fingers and positioned himself so that his arms where up at the top so that my ankles were on his shoulders and he was holding himself up by his knees. He then proceeded to push his upper half of his body further down, forcing my legs to get pushed further down and forcing my ass to raise up higher and higher in the air. The instant I felt the tip of his big, hard black cock touching the hungry, wet hole I started to moan, but instead of inserting his entire big, black cock, he would just stretch my hole wide with the head of his monster cock and pull it all the way out.

At this point I was so full of sexual desire that I was talking and saying stuff that I didn’t think I would say

Driving me crazy, filling me with an even greater desire to have every inch of my ass crammed deep and tight with his big, thick black cock. Stuff like » Yeah, fuck that ass nice and deep» and » yeah, I wanna feel every inch of that big, fucken cock deep in me» I guess by me talking like that, it got him even hotter cause without any warning, and I remember vividly every bit of detail of the feeling of him slowly sliding his big, thick 9 inch black cock deep down inside of me. At first I couldnt breathe, then I started breathing really heavy, closing my eyes and wanting more and more of his cock. When he crammed what I thought was his entire cock deep inside me he stopped and just stayed there. Leaving the inner walls deep inside my ass stretched so fucken wide that I felt like it was about to tear apart any minute and my hot hole was being extremely stretched even wider by the big, fat, base of his monster black cock.

He then took his hand off my cock and while his three fingers where in me halfway, He squirted a bit of lube directly deep down inside my hungry ass

Then at that moment I said » fuck yeah, cram that big, thick cock deep inside me.» And I said put your hands on the sides of my ass and fucken spread my ass apart really wide so you can cram every inch of that big, cock in me. I wanna feel your balls pressing against the bottom of my ass. He said» FUCK YEAH! Take all of this big, black cock baby. Then I felt his hands on the sides of my ass, then feeling his hands spreading my ass even wider than I thought it could ever spread and then with the weight of his body, felt almost another inch sliding deep in me, Stretching my hole even wider until I felt his big ball sack slap against the bottom crack of my ass, making me quiver with ecstasy, and making the inner walls of my ass quiver and twitch tightly around his monster black cock, milking it like crazy. While my ass was squeezing tightly around his cock deep inside me, he would moan loudly and his cock would jump and throb against my hot ass bringing me to the point where I was about to come.

He would slowly slide his cock out till just the head was in me then with his weight he would sink his entire big, black cock deep down in me. He then said » you ready to feel this big, black cock deep inside that tight little ass?» Before I could say yes, he was jamming that big, black cock deep inside my ass. He had positioned himself so that he was standing over me with his legs on the outsides of my legs and slightly bending down when he bent his legs, he would lower his fat cock sorta hard and cram my ass soo deep till his cock bottomed out deep in me. I could feel his nice, big balls slapping against my balls faster and faster, harder and harder, deeper and deeper. I was fucken moaning and begging for more. Telling him «Fuck Yeah! Fuck that Ass! I had never had an orgasm while actually being fucked and definitely never thought it was possible to come withouth any stimulation to my cock, but I was getting fucked so good and deep and whenever he would hit this one certain spot, It felt like my cock was about to squirt more and more with every slam of his cock in me. I knew that If I even stroked my cock at this point, I would come pretty easily, so I decided to holdout as long as I could.

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