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We already been it discussion because of the indicating one phenomenology looks at the new criteria off exactly why are some thing arrive as such, otherwise, you to definitely phenomenology suggests that there is an excellent co-constitutive relationships between united states together with phenomena we find in our involvement into industry

Let's do the people contact with paying attention to audio and you can consider it phenomenologically. In the position out of physics and you can anatomy, tunes is constituted by the a flux regarding waves out-of form of wavelengths to which the inner ear canal tends to be painful and sensitive. Actually, just after so reviewed, you can create a technological product eg an effective tape recorder which is sensitive to these types of same sounds, and might replay him or her into the demand. Individuals, not, when they hear tunes for the day to day life never grab her or him only because the a blast of musical, as an alternative they find themselves currently experiencing anything sorts of-a-cry to have assist, an automobile breaking, design appears, or a piece of tunes.