MWK likewise has an organized team in whose procedures it's possible to become confidenta€?

a€?MWK & colleagues' individual logical method (as well as their willingness to devote for you personally to analyse the dispute) usually builds remarkable effects.

a€?Legal situation were skillfully analysed, before judge distribution are prepared. They Truly Are willing to commit time for you to tips and details Read More Here submit by the clienta€?.

Operate highlights

  • Represented Muhamad Nazri Bin Muhamad against JMN Menara Rajawali and succeeded within this landmark choice from the legal of Appeal (and later affirmed of the national courtroom) that a shared control body shall decide singular maintenance costs rate per display device for many types of parcels in a strata developing.
  • Symbolized KCSB Konsortium Sdn Bhd and succeeded inside extreme courtroom in the novel problems concerning failure of an area Administrator to apportion the payment among curious people in area purchase matters.