Generally, yet not, the brand new opponent becomes the prospective for everyone hatred, so self-confident attitude to your brand new dear will be maintained

However, she had no next goals regarding the woman previous lover, maybe not aspiring to restart the relationship or perhaps to possess an intimate reference to him, and also have that have zero mindful want to damage your

Whether your betrayed companion knows of lifetime of triangle, she or he, also, experience envy and you may envy. This new companion might want the latest being unfaithful spouse lifeless instead of think of dropping their, or your, toward hated opponent.

Particularly an unconscious fixation when it is along with a propensity on the masochism, leads people so you're able to construe love because the triangular regardless of if, objectively, it is not

The mutual jealousy and you will hatred off lover and you can spouse might survive perhaps the death of the fresh new precious.