Intimate Behavior - exactly what a guy do with respect to intimate acts

Relates to procedures, perhaps not an identity - a man you are going to test out good another child, however, this won't generate him gay.

Intimate Direction - the type of intimate, personal, emotional/spiritual appeal you've got the ability to become for most other people, fundamentally labeled according to research by the gender matchmaking between the person and you can individuals he could be interested in. Usually mistaken for sexual liking.

Sexual Liking - just what a person wants otherwise prefers to carry out intimately: a conscious identification otherwise choices never to become confused with intimate positioning. Usually turns up when it comes to bisexual identities: one to might possibly be attracted to men and women, but have a desires for 1 over another.

Sex - the brand new cutting-edge directory of section that do make us intimate beings: has mental, bodily, and you may intimate facets, also thinking-personality (and sexual positioning and you can sex), behavioral tastes and you will practices, aspirations, and thinking regarding affection and you will mental attraction.