Narcissists had been only 2-16 per cent out-of members and do not usually arrive at private medication (McClean, )


It see the reason for its difficulties once the exterior because of their defenses out of denial, distortion, and you can projection, which limitation their ability to own introspection. For this reason, they generally go into treatment to cope with an external situation, such as a divorce case or functions-related point, or following the a major blow to their sensitive thinking. Sometimes they been since their mate insisted on conjoint counseling, and you may occasionally, they look for cure for loneliness and you will depression. Cures was not been shown to be active, except to treat associated despair.

Individual Therapy

Of several therapists faith depth really works would be avoided besides because the latest narcissist's dilemmas is actually believed as the ego-syntonic, as well as as they have to strengthen its protections facing primitive thinking (Russell, 1985). That visitors just who inserted treatment during a good tumultuous separation in the near future prevent. He stated you to definitely self-examination decreased their worry about-esteem and therefore he called for a glass or two to acquire courtesy each concept.