Pieces of cloth is cut in new shapes regarding houses, woods, otherwise things and they are padded towards the support

Arpilleras have many common aspects. Figures of individuals are nearly always three-dimensional, with little rolled possession, brains and you may authorities taken from an apartment records. Sticks, bits of foil, vinyl, otherwise report, dried beans, or any other aren't discovered product are often attached otherwise glued to the fresh new tapestries. For each and every arpillera try bordered by the a colorful fabric joining, blanket stitch, otherwise crocheted fleece edging. Earlier people which have a failure plans assisted because of the stuffing the latest minds having the new rates and you can crocheting the borders.

Gates from industrial facilities and you may hospitals have big X's stitched in it to indicate that they was indeed signed to groups of the new vanished or detained

Particular pictures appear over and over repeatedly. Larger black colored kettles looking at fires depict town soup containers (ola comun) you to Chilean churches offered when you look at the Santiago's “cravings areas.” Including appear to viewed certainly are the collaborative bakeries and you may laundries that have been prepared to assist the indegent survive, therefore the arpillera courses (talleres). Of a lot arpilleras let you know college students position for the milk or infirmary lines, laundry cars otherwise scavenging having cardboard to sell.