4.step three Brand new Dynamical Method and Standard Relativity

Inside temporary, a positive reason is just one where phenomenological outcomes is informed me by the reference to real (however, perhaps unobservable) physical government

I've already viewed the way the dynamical strategy, qua programme from ontological prevention, is meant to enjoy call at the new framework from concepts that have fixed spacetime build, and additionally each other Newtonian ideas and you can STR. You will find and seen Brown and you will Pooleys concerns about the ability out-of a beneficial substantival spacetime to describe factual statements about the brand new decisions off count. These inquiries is actually inspired from the apparent condition instances, where in actuality the symmetries off good substantival spacetime seem to been except that the ones from brand new dynamical guidelines governing count.

This is simply not apparent that these feedback was reasonable to help you proponents regarding an excellent geometrical take a look at. You to definitely might take its standing not to feel one a certain piece of geometrical construction (age.g., the latest Minkowski metric from STR) inevitably constrains count, if it is available in a theory, so you're able to manifest the symmetries (a claim which appears to be not true, inside white of your a lot more than times).