Everyone loves cultural stuff, particularly if it really is some thing way different than what they are familiar with here

Firstly, I'm enjoying checking out your site. It's offering myself details on specific points that different non locals has given on Medellin very ideally it is possible to provide myself some information.

I'm considering coming over in Sep to show English, We function in Scotland for a nationwide newspaper (scotsman) but realistically, I'm able to best really read me obtaining a career as a TEFL teacher.

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Last matter: merely to hold making use of theme of one's weblog. Im a blue-eyed Scotsman, could it possibly be really worth my personal whereas getting my personal kilt or perhaps is that attempting too much with all the local girls? Haha.

1. becoming qualified and achieving struggled to obtain the ScotsMan I do not think you should have trouble discovering for work. Getting employment in Colombia, are cool in the beginning, as you're in an innovative new town, with brand-new co-workers, you gotta grab the public transport, etc. It's all interesting, but after a few months you may get annoyed, and your pay usually takes precedence. I do believe the key would be to get into a paying situation. I am an entrepreneur right here, so there are many organizations and a sizable expat neighborhood of business owners which will help you find more options too.

2. $4,500 is a great cushion, unless you live-in Poblado. I suggest staying in a lowered earnings stage yet safer region basic, when you get the bearings and cashflow up you can aquire into a few of the more expensive neightborhoods.