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Dining table step 1 illustrates the fresh new descriptive analytics out of teachers' answers towards four questions regarding vignette activity: Tolerance regarding student's choices, Attribution regarding lower manage, Constraints mode (vs. support), and you may Relational financial support. For every single professor and each matter, the common Reaction for every single standing was determined. Prepared within-topic contrasts into the constant strategies ANOVAs towards the teachers' Response was presented, each question alone, to research differences between the positive relationships and you can Bad dating as opposed to both control standards (Not familiar and you may Distant relationship) (see Desk 2 ).

Concerning the analysis for instance the Distant dating manage status, the within-topic contrasts of your own Negative and positive relationship status as compared to the fresh new Faraway relationships control condition revealed a critical feeling on Bad relationship status (F(step one,51) = six.99, p = .01; d = 0.35), not with the Positive matchmaking updates (F(step one,51) = 0.95, p = .33) toward earliest matter about Tolerance out of student's conclusion.