The eye tracking analysis was basically confronted with a two (activity aspect: conclusion regarding the feelings regarding intimate love compared to

Eye-tracking results

libido) ? dos (artwork market: deal with versus. body) ? 2 (intercourse regarding fellow member) ANOVA. Once again, no significant communication was noticed that have sex because the the one thing to have amount of eye-obsession, total lifetime of all attention fixations, and time for you to first eye fixation. I, hence, collapsed round the intercourse and you will did a two ? 2 ANOVA having activity dimension and you may graphic market, since in this-sufferers activities, for every one about three founded details.

Analyses of level of vision fixations revealed a serious communication between task aspect and graphic aspects of interest (F(1, 16) = six.76, p = 0.02, ? dos = 0.03), exhibiting one to although the players visually fixated to your see your face in task proportions, these people were likely to visually fixate on the body, compared with see your face, whenever viewing the images and work out choices throughout the libido, compared with close like (Dining table S4). No other tall effect is actually discover.

Analyses of one's overall duration of most of the eyes fixations (Dining table S5) and time to basic vision obsession (Table S6) don't inform you another tall performance.