After September 11, as Richard Clarke place it merely, a€?we panicked

The assaults of September 11 could well be banished to a a€?before timea€? after a€?legalistica€? Clinton principles used, before a€?the gloves arrived down

Donald Rumsfeld notoriously recognized between the a€?known unknownsa€?-what we all know we do not know, that can be frightening-and the a€?unknown unknownsa€?-what do not know we don't see, which are often terrifying.

Insufficient skills led experts to speculate as to what a detainee a€?should see,a€? [versus] records the specialist could fairly show the detainee performed discover.... When a detainee did not reply to a concern presented to your, the presumption at head office was actually that the detainee is keeping back and know considerably; therefore, Headquarters suggested resumption of [enhanced interrogation techniques]. 9

After September 11, that terror is expressed in straightforward calculus of activity, well-described because of the CIA inspector standard in 2004:

In an atmosphere of anxiety and stress, this indicates the prudent program to believe what the detainee a€?should knowa€? and proceed properly. And also make no mistake, the crucial choices installing the basis for condition of exception had been made in a situation of anxieties and concern. Just how could they not have been? a€? Terrorism, downgraded as a threat because of the incoming plant administration, now turned the solitary all-consuming obsession of a government all of a sudden on a a€?war footing.a€?

Each and every day the chairman also older authorities gotten the a€?threat matrix,a€? a data that could be a large number of pages extended list a€?every threat inclined to the joined Statesa€? 10 that were drawn up over the last twenty-four hours by vast electronic and man hoover of data that has been United States intelligence: cautions of catastrophic artillery, mainstream attacks, prepared attacks on allies, plots of each information and amount of severity. a€?You simply would never sit where i did so,a€?