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It is knew you to definitely in some regions you will not feel able to relate solely to the latest tor online just before demand another type of bridge, however , this is simply not understood as to why only a few “wellknown” bridges are difficult-coded with fixed address contact information on ffox config document. It makes zero experience when those new links should be expected, when all the offered bridges effortlessly might be updated privately with regular torbrowser standing. ultimately, tor shouldn't relate with clearnet dns merely stating based on very own feeling

Mention into the link profiles to your tor: obfs4 system trapped trying to relate with dns to the clearnet whenever asking for a unique connection, it can not be safe and will be simply enjoy with the clothes tor dns “after” already been connected to tor

i simply cannot see why of several ppl believe tor draws the new appeal of one's Controlfreaks and you can vpns perhaps not....