We name and shame the fake loan websites conning Brits out of cash

Mum-of-four Sarah Kerr lost ?100 to a loan fee scam when she tired to borrow cash for urgent repairs to her car

  • Rosie Taylor
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  • Rosie Taylor
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FAKE lending websites are still live despite official warnings that they con people out of cash in loan fee scams.

Last month the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) warned about the "growing threat" of loan fee scams which cost Brits ?3.5million last year.

that features lending products from agents and people acquired from other creditors.

Quicken financing recently overtook embattled well Fargo in order to become the main strong to consumer home loan organization inside nation.

Its a first time a Michigan generally based fast enjoys really introduced that concept.

Nevertheless becoming No. in mortgage loans is quite a bit unique of being tops various other industries, including automobile. The nation for a mortgage, Quicken commands an industry share of merely during the very fragmented home loan sector, in which potential consumers can go to some financial limbs and credit score rating unions percent.