Hanna could have been seeing Mona about Radley Sanitarium, and Wren Kingston is being employed as certainly this lady medical professionals

Yet not, Hanna leaves her speech away and you can speaks away since Mona's friend to your board

Hanna shows up having responses, curious what she performed and also make Mona dislike the girl a great deal. Whenever Mona only lies truth be told there however and you may almost dry. She's got a great glazed look-in the girl eyes and remains with a beneficial stoic phrase. Shortly after Hanna actually leaves, Mona spies since the Wren and you will Hanna speak about the girl. Later when Wren phone calls Hanna according to him that Mona are and come up with progress and then he thinks that it's from Hanna's visits. Hanna tries to make it through so you're able to Mona again and you may requires her when the she desires the woman to keep returning. Mona appears more and smiles it is smiling within a blank settee. Mona is simply hallucinating and you will observes Alison holding the lady "Lolita" book, sporting a reddish layer, smiling right back.

Mona appears indifferently from the this lady reflection about echo

Mona remains catatonic. Hanna will get upset this time around and you may yells during the Mona exactly how she seems from the this lady destroying the girl lives. No matter if Hanna leaves a chair over the space, Mona just remains silent. Wren demonstrates to you to help you Hanna just what she's distress are an ambiguous loss - the person she cares from the is still there, however, she's forgotten them in any event. Hanna in the long run understands an easy way https://datingranking.net/be2-review to come through to Mona - offering the girl a transformation, that includes eyeshadow, foundation, and you can makeup.