NIPT use for fetal entire genome sequencing (FWGS)

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Interview guide for expecting mothers and people in Lebanon and Quebec. Meeting guide familiar with gather facts from expecting mothers and partners in Lebanon plus Quebec.

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Haidar, H., Ce Clerc-Blain, J., Vanstone, M. et al. A qualitative learn of females and partners from Lebanon and Quebec regarding an expanded scope of noninvasive prenatal screening. BMC Pregnancy Childbirth 21, 54 (2021).

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This study thus is designed to explore the perceptions and horizon of women and their partners with approved or decreased NIPT towards their usage for numerous problems, including paternity examination, gender determination for non-medical reasons, plus the use of NIPT for FWGS. Since cross-cultural distinctions might have important effects for NIPT decision-making, we chose to carry out semi-structured interview with expectant mothers as well as their lovers in Quebec (the biggest state in Canada) and Lebanon. We decided on these locations as instance scientific studies to investigate whether as well as how cultural contexts might affect individuals' views about upcoming programs of NIPT. Desk 1 signifies a listing of the contextual backgrounds for Lebanon and Quebec.