Pleasure and you will problems, thus, are not just required attendants away from beauty and you will deformity, but create its very essence

Ayer produces:

Charm is such an order and framework out-of parts because, possibly by primary constitution of your characteristics, from the personalized, or by the caprice, is equipped supply a pleasure and you will satisfaction for the soul. ... (Hume 1740, 299)

Although it appears uncertain once the ranging from finding the charm regarding fulfillment or perhaps in the experience otherwise indisputable fact that explanations they, Hume was in the near future these are new ‘belief of beauty,' in which sentiment is, approximately, a happy or painful a reaction to impressions otherwise suggestions, in the event beauty try a point of cultivated or sensitive pleasures. Indeed, by the time out-of Kant's 3rd Critique and having perhaps several ages, the new head connection away from charm so you're able to satisfaction is actually removed as a commonplace, to the level in which thinkers are often pinpointing charm while the a specific brand of pleasure. Santayana, such as for instance, as we have experienced, when you're nonetheless gesturing toward the thing otherwise feel which causes pleasure, emphatically makes reference to beauty since the a particular variety of satisfaction.